Color Verify

Enhance Your Image & Reduce Your Costs

Combined with Mutoh’s SpectroVue VM-10 spectrophotometer, ColorVerify and ColorVerify Pro make it easy to implement process control into any workflow. This easy-to-use system takes only minutes to complete and verifies color output before full print jobs are run. If you could avoid wasting time and money, wouldn’t you?


ColorVerify is a FREE on-printer service enabled in every ValueJet 1324 and 1624 printer. Combined with the SpectroVue VM-10 spectrophotometer, users can create a baseline of color swatches called “Jellybeans” based on their specific media and ink type. Users will run a ColorVerify test strip before each additional print to check the color against the original baseline. The system is quick, easy and is perfect for large jobs requiring multiple rolls of media such as car wraps and billboards.

ColorVerify Pro

In addition to the great features of ColorVerify, ColorVerify Pro is an internet-based service that brings process control to the next level. ColorVerify Pro stores a limitless number of baselines and tracks color reproduction trends over time. Users are given simple “pass” or “fail” responses and can use the service to troubleshoot print inconsistencies.

With every new ValueJet 1324 and 1624 printer purchased, users will receive a FREE 90 trial of the ColorVerify Pro service.

Implement Process Control Today!

Don’t be afraid of process control any longer! The first service of its kind on the current market, Mutoh makes it easy to bring your print shop to the next level and stay above the competition. There are many reasons to implement ColorVerify into your business:

    1. • Color consistency for repeat jobs and repeat customers.
    2. • Save supplies and money. Know what your prints will look like before you print them. If there is a problem with color output, you know there is an issues before you’ve wasted ink and media.
    3. • A means of documentation for your customers.
    4. • Stay at the top of the competition, no other company offers a process control solution.
    5. • Save time by taking a few minutes out of the day to check color output and avoid hours of wasted reprinting.

The ColorVerify system is powered by ColorMetrix Technologies.


Process Control Made Easy


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