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All ValueJet 1324, 1624, and 1617H printers come equipped with Mutoh’s new ValueJet Status Monitor (VSM) firmware.  A light weight software used to monitor the status of the printer including ink levels, heater settings, firmware checks and even tracks color output through ColorVerify to ensure the printer is giving you consistent output print after print.  VSM is exclusive to Mutoh ValueJet printers and is not available from the competitors. 
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FAQ SpectroVue VM-10 spectrophotometer helps to ensure optimum color reproduction and reproducibility; it enhances image quality by utilizing the full color gamut of the printer and achieves a higher level of color consistency for multi-run print jobs and jobs printed on different substrates. Calibration quick color checks can be performed with minimal impact on production schedules. And, with the SpectroVue, color patch layouts are optimized to fit the full width of the media, minimizing waste and improving overall productivity. The SpectroVue comes standard with the ValueJet 1617H Hybrid printer and can be equipped to the ValueJet 1324, 1624 and 1638X printers.

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Process control is made easy with Mutoh’s ColorVerify and ColorVerify Pro services. Every print shop and print service provider should implement a system for process control to maintain consistent colors and keep repeat customers happy. Use Mutoh’s free ColorVerify on-board system for quick color readings or the Internet-based ColorVerify Pro system for troubleshoot, color output tracking and a limitless amount of storage space. The ColorVerify services is used with the SpectroVue VM-10 spectrophotometer for accurate color reading.

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Other recent innovations from Mutoh include advancements that have revolutionized the industry like i² Intelligent Interweaving technology. i² is standard on the ValueJet line. i² allows for increased print speeds and virtually eliminates banding, creating exceptional image quality. Its increased accuracy and consistency of dot size and dot release during printing improves the image, in addition to increased dot gain control, allowing for more latitude in profile settings.

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