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document How do I install drivers for my Ultima Cutter?
The driver installation procedure is here: The drivers themselve are located here:    
rating 30 Oct, 2009 Views: 12684 Comments: 0
document Using Multi Segment Contour Cutting for long cut jobs drift on the cutter.
Print Feed adjustment is critical when doing contour cutting jobs over 6 feet long. This can sometimes cause a problem since the feed adjustment...
Not rated 12 Feb, 2008 Views: 7626 Comments: 0
document Hello, we have the SC-1400D and are seeking information on the stand alone cutter set-up. What do we need to send directly from software such as Flexi or a program like Illustrator - Corel. We would like to use for jobs that consist of vinyl only, is this possible?
Answer: ------------------- Flexi Sign Pro will run the cutter as a stand alone vinyl cutter. There is also a plug in for Corel X3 (?) and...
Not rated 23 Aug, 2007 Views: 12207 Comments: 0
document Contour Cutting Set-Up Guide for Flexi Products
Not rated 07 Nov, 2007 Views: 5129 Comments: 0
document Cutting Problems with Flexi PRINT DX Mutoh Edition 5.0v3
Instructions:   1)       Put PMCore.dll file in the Program folder inside of the Flexi PRINT folder.  It...
rating 10 Aug, 2009 Views: 10969 Comments: 0
document "NO RESPONSE" From The Cutter
"NO RESPONSE" From The Cutter In this case when you send a file, the Cutter DOES NOT respond in any way, i.e. it does not plot at all, and...
Not rated 21 Feb, 2008 Views: 4474 Comments: 0
document Cutter Will Not Plot
Cutter Will Not Plot, Correctly In this case when you send a file, the Cutter immediately displays an error, (some models also beep) and it may...
Not rated 21 Feb, 2008 Views: 6115 Comments: 0
document Poor Quality Cuts
The most common cause of a poor quality cut is an improperly adjusted cutting knife. To properly set the blade (see Figure 1) think of the tip of the...
Not rated 21 Feb, 2008 Views: 4771 Comments: 0
document Jagged Looking Cuts
Sometimes vinyl or other foreign material become lodged in the knife holder cavity preventing the cutting blade from swiveling freely, resulting in...
Not rated 21 Feb, 2008 Views: 4903 Comments: 0
document Cut Commands Commands: Velocity, Acceleration And Force
Mutoh Cutters come defaulted to 'ACCEPT'  velocity, acceleration and force commands from the host software. If your application software has...
Not rated 21 Feb, 2008 Views: 4693 Comments: 0