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I am getting headstrikes on my media

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Posted: 06 Jul, 2007
by: Anderson R.
Updated: 06 Jul, 2007
by: Anderson R.

Headstrikes are when the head drags across the media and either smears the printed image or smears ink from the bottom of head on to the media.

The most common causes of headstrikes are
1.  Head height
1.  Excessive heat
2.  Incorrect loading or feeding
3.  Incorrect or poor quality media.

Papers and vinyls can normally be run at low head height, banners/cloth should be run at high head height
A good starting point for temperature for most media is 40/42/50, if the media is 'cockling' i.e. buckling up between the rollers lower the temperature, 35/38/50 is a good starting point for materials that expand a lot.
Some media can run at 50/50/50 but some may require temps as low as 30/30/40.

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