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How do I upgrade my firmware to the latest version?

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Posted: 13 Jul, 2007
by: Anderson R.
Updated: 26 Oct, 2012
by: Anderson R.

Please Read and Review this entire process before attempting a firmware upgrade.

Download the Mutoh Maintenance Engineer to your computer desktop from HERE.

Unzip the Mutoh Maintenance Engineer.

It should unzip into a folder with the following files:
1. config.ini
2. DUMMY.cfg
3. MUTOH Maintenance Engineer Assistant.exe
If this Utility is moved or copied all files must move to the new folder.

You will also need two or more of the follow items:

1. Current IP address of your ValueJet printer. (Required)
One or more of the following file types are required for any of the downloading operations.
2. .jfl file for firmware update
3. .prm file for uploading or downloading the mainboard parameters
4. .mfl file for updating the heater firmware.

Current firmware for ValueJet Printers are located HERE.
( Saving the firmware to the same folder as the Mutoh Maintenance Engineer Assistant will keep all your files together, making them easier to locate.

To download firmware or parameters to your printer or to upload parameters from your printer to your PC:
Open up Mutoh Maintenance Engineer Assistant.exe.
Open Setup, Option to set the current ValueJet IP address.

Place the ValueJet into firmware Load mode:
To access Firmware download mode on the ValueJet Printer, press and hold the Left arrow during power ON.
No delay is necessary.
Confirm that the IP address is correct and matches that of the Mutoh Maintenance Engineer Assistant
Press Enter to confirm.
Display should show "Waiting for command".

Open the Mutoh Maintenance Engineer Assistant and select the appropriate action. (i.e. Firmware Install)
If necessary, browse to the location of the firmware file. (.jfl)
Open the file, and Press OK in the dialog box to start the transfer..

Troubleshooting the Mutoh Maintenance Engineer Assistant:
If the Mutoh Maintenance Engineer Assistant starts in Japanese then select;
Setup, Language then English and restart the utility.

If the Mutoh Maintenance Engineer Assistant opens and the display is too small to view, close the Utility.
Open (edit) the config.ini file. Locate the following section and change the Width and Height to 450 and 500 respectively. Close the 'ini' file and restart the Utility. Do not delete or add any lines or characters.

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