RJ-900X - 42"

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The Industry’s Highest Resolution for CAD


Specifically designed for architectural, engineering, construction, mechanical design and GIS applications, the RJ-900X can help you put your best foot forward. Offering a maximum media size of 42", the RJ-900X gives you a high-quality professional printer at an exceptional price point.

The RJ-900X incorporates a new generation "Wide Model" print head (4 color sections, 360 nozzles/color), which will enable the highest resolution printing for CAD, 2880 dpi. The RJ-900X delivers superior line sharpness and photo quality with continuous tones, smooth transitions and a wide color gamut. Offering various print resolutions for different applications, the RJ-900X delivers a high speed 360 dpi printing 676 sq/ft/hr. The CMYK printer can be utilized with a variety of ink sets.


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RJ-900X - 42" Features

Full featured 42" high-quality full color CAD printer with beautiful print quality at a surprisingly affordable price.

High productivity - print speeds up to 676 sq. ft. per with a maximum media width of 42.5". The RJ-900X prints almost twice as fast than its closest competitor to help you get through jobs quickly and efficiently.

Industry’s highest resolution for a CAD printer. Print up to 1440 x 2880 dpi.

Latest generation piezo variable drop inkjet head. Print in beautiful CMYK with a state-of-the-art print head.

Easy to install and operate. Mutoh printers are well known for being the easiest printers to operate in the industry; this saves you valuable time on every project you print.

Built to last, featuring Mutoh’s outstanding craftsmanship and rugged construction. Mutoh printers are renowned for being carefully crafted to rigorous standards for years of profitable use.

One year on-site warranty provides peace of mind.  Mutoh’s highly respected one-year on-site warranty backs up our precision engineering and meticulous production practices to give you a full-package that is a great value any way you look at it.



RJ-900X - 42" Specifications

Media Width
42.5 in
Print Width
42.5 in
Paper Gap Low/High
1.3 mm / 2.1 mm
Ink Type KCMY
Aqueous, Dye, Pigmented/
Ink Capacity
110 ml / 220 ml Pigmented / Dye
Distance Accuracy
± 0.1%
USB 2.0 & Ethernet 10/100
256 Mb
Noise Level
< 53 dB
High Speed 676 sq ft/hr, for CAD and Line Art
360 x 360 dpi – 1 pass Bi-Dir
Standard 84 sq ft/hr, for High-End CAD
720 x 720 dpi – 4 pass Bi-Dir 84 sq/ft/hr
Imaging & Full Color 42 sq ft/hr
1440 x 1440 dpi – 4 pass Bi-Dir
Available resolutions

360x360, 720x360, 360x720, 720x720, 1440x720, 720x1440, 1440x1440, 2880x1440 and 1440x2880. Each resolution allows 6 quality/speed levels.
Dimensions (WxDxH)
69.8" x 26" x 38.7" inches
Printer + stand Weight
135 lbs

59° F – 95° F / Relative Humidity (non-condensing) : 20 % RH – 80 % RH

RJ-900X - 42" Applications

Architectural Plans and Technical Drawings – The RJ-900X has the productivity and quality for individual businesses and reprographic houses to cost-effectively produce large-format drawings, maps, presentations and renderings. With high-quality output and high print speeds the RJ-900X enables design professionals to quickly and effectively display projects and drawings.

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